Spoil me

Bringing a gift to our session? Here’s what I like.

Home Depot gift cards – I own my own dungeon space, and it is a never-ending series of “home improvement” projects. these feed the monster.

Purple Passion gift cards – these are my favorite, I will also accept gift cards from The Leatherman, or The Blue Store (if you’re local)

Here’s my Amazon Wishlist – for those “just because” gifts.

Also love –

Flavored seltzer water (I don’t drink alcohol)
berries of all kinds
sour candy (blue raspberry is my favorite)
Ankle boots (size 8.5)
Iced Coffee
Candles with warm, musky scents
Amazing Grace perfume (spring and summer)
Nomade perfume (fall and winter)
I’ll always prefer a potted plant over cut flowers

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