Heavy Impact Play – I love the sound an implement makes hitting the sound of bare flesh. The smack of a crop or a cane, the noise a whip makes flying through the air, those are the most joyous sounds in the world.

CBT/NT  I love torturing delicate bits. Pinching, pulling, tying, stretching, stabbing, I have a whole arsenal of scary toys and games, you should be so lucky as to see any one of them. CBT is a great creative outlet for me.

Full Toilet Training – There is nothing that makes Me feel quite so Dominant as when someone takes the worst things that come out, and beg to swallow them. It is a very incredible act of submission, a total power exchange, and I cannot get enough of it.

Stretching – Stretching is important, is it not? Few things bring Me more joy than making sure you are fully loosened up, inside and out, and ready for whatever might come your way. 

Extreme Emotional Play – Humiliation, Gaslighting, Mental Bondage, Interrogation, etc. are such a fun way to turn you around. When you are confused, scared, embarassed, know that I am the one controlling your thoughts and feelings in addition to controlling your body. You will feel how I tell you to feel, you will believe what I tell you to believe. These types of sessions require careful planning, and periods of aftercare (we want to play safely, after all!), but headspace play is one of the things that brings Me some of the most satisfaction.

AB/DL – I have a soft spot for Adult babies and diaper lovers. Whether you’re looking for a loving mommy, or a mean babysitter, I’ve got you covered.

Couples training – I absolutely adore couples. Whether total beginners with no idea what to do, or experienced players who want to improve their game, I greatly enjoy helping partners love (and hurt!) each other better.  


Electroplay – I am fully equipped with a TENS unit, Violet Wand, and a myriad of attachments/insertables

Role Play, Human Ashtray and Human Furniture, Boot/Shoe worship, Foot/Leg worship, OTK spankings, Medical Play, Voyeurism, Crossdressing

Hard Limits

absolutely NO – race play, gender humiliation, sexual services, CNC

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