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Sadism + Southern Charm

In Pre-K, I was given time outs for biting the other children. I was removed from a Sunday School class for kicking boys in the nuts. As a high schooler, I voraciously read and wrote graphic, violent fiction, leading my parents and teachers to wonder what on earth was wrong with me. As an adult, I had the good fortune to be trained by some of The Best in the business, to fine-tune my skills, to put a bit of polish on what were, until now, raw and unbridled sadistic tendencies. 

I’m just what you would expect from a woman brought up in The South, and hardened by NYC. I am smart, sweet and seductive, with an endlessly sunny demeanor. Your blood, sweat and tears will be met with a soft voice and gentle smile. Your agony will be met with giggles. Nothing brings Me more joy in life than suffering for suffering’s sake.

I am a lifestyle player with years of experience both personal and professional. As a true Sadist, I take genuine pleasure in watching you struggle, weep and bleed for Me. As a good Southern girl, I’m the perfect blend of warmth and gentility, preferring to guide you gently through the torture, laughing sweetly at your humiliation and weakness. A lifelong learner, I believe in opening a pathway for communication, to better understand the whys and hows of kink, so that together we can create an exhilaratingly intimate session

Visit Chez-La,
My Cozy Brooklyn Hideaway

A fully-equipped, completely private dungeon escape. Complete with sling, overhead hard points, bondage beds + benches, shower, and more than a few mean toys…

What others say about Me:

“This was my first time to a professional domme. Mistress Shayla was playful and sadistic at the same time. I was pretty nervous going in but she put me at ease right away. She really enjoys CBT and nipple play. The session was wonderful. She is very beautiful and has a great body. She loves to tease.”

-R, from Canada

Dear Mistress Shayla, I truly enjoyed our session and my girlfriend will be very pleased with the patterns you left all over my body. You’re a real beauty , a skilled domme and a true sadist – a rare combination with gift to make me crave for more and more. I wish we’d have spent even more time – I truly enjoyed satisfying your sadistic cravings and I’m (or perhaps we are) looking forward to seeing you next time in the city

-J, from L.A.

 Mistress Shayla, At the time it was hard to find the right words to describe the inspired session you allowed me to be a part of today. Now I see the best word to described how I feel is “enthralled”. I’ve been searching for the last year for a Domme who I feel really gets what I seek, who commands my attention and makes me want to push farther for her. The way you looked into my eyes with the sweetest expression, while at the same time making me suffer so deeply is something I’m going to cherish forever.

-M, right here in NYC